Text 30 May Out of Range

As the distance becomes greater
Do you think we’ll make it?
If opportunity
Is other than me
Do you think you’ll take it?
Our status says one thing
While our bond says something different
And I can’t deny
While time goes by
I feel like something’s missing

Guess it’s safe to say you completed your mission
You know… The one about you stickin?
Memories of that warm rain
Body heat
Temperature change
Pillow talk
Word exchange

I hope we’ll be consistent
From a distance
If our hearts continue to speak
I truly hope we listen
Take the time to pay attention
Defeated doubts
Through hopeful wishin’
So one day
Will be that one day
Where meant to be
Becomes that one way
We hit life like a runway
And run away

**1N/.MILYN ©

Text 21 Apr misguided

I refuse
To be used
Like wasted time
And Id hate
To relate
To an untamed mind
So I dont
And I wont
I’d rather pick up and go
take my thoughts and my heart
To a place you don’t know
Forget you and ya false hopes
Ya fake dreams
And sweet talk
The unintentional acts upon
The interest you caused
And before this game is played
I pause
I refuse to play games at all
I won’t stand tall while you stall
You’re indecisive won’t be righteous
towards placing me at your call
That’s comical
You’re irrelevant
It’s clear your thoughts are hella bent
And personally
Im sick of it
And the selfish expressions
Once again anotha life lesson
To neva let a man speak his vision
if his intentions have no intention to encourage a mission
A pursuit
An attempt
A simple try
Instead they give me reason to ask them why
What was your point
Was there a purpose
You tease me with possibilities
What did I do to deserve this
Bitter sweet
Yet verbally abusive
Recognize without action
Ya words become useless…


Text 18 Apr Contemplating

On my mind heavy
Gotta say these thoughts are steady
Subconsciously  getting ready… for whateva.
The modest way to describes us being  togetha… foreva?
The possibility sends chills through me
Its been years since anything felt real to me
I even told myself I wouldnt write related poetry
Jinxing the hopes and could be’s
It blows my mind
How I feel this time
But my conscience steady keeps my hopes in line
The last thing I need is another self-misguided situation
I rather sit next to faith
And wait with patience
Simply contemplating…

Text 30 Jan "Cloud 9"

You know that day where everything feels right?

That RARE day

From the moment you see sunlight

You’re overcome with joy

It’s practically impossible to simply avoid

The simple crack of a smile

  on the inside you’re cheesin’ all day

And there’s absolutely nothing anybody can say

That will shoot you down off the 9th cloud

  you caught a ride from

Haters hatin’ cuz they not sittin on what you’re flying on

As random as this feeling is

You don’t care

Everything ain’t perfect

Right now

You feel you’re living

And for once… Life is worth it



Text 16 Dec 1 note Honeymoon

I wanna hear your sigh of pleasure
As I make your day feel better
With my body pressure
Pressed again your chest
I want to feel you at your best
Deep breath
And let me do the rest
Feel my hands caress
As my lips massage your neck
From the right side
To the left
It’s nothing more
And nothing less
Than my all.
The biggest thing you deserve.
Now sit back
And embrace what you’ve earned. You’ve been nothin but patient
Past patient
So now its over you I’m standing
I can hear you panting
Personal bass from heart beats
Tight grabs
Wrinkled sheets
Curled toes
Touched feet
We finally meet…
Our deeper levels connect
Our souls combine
As well as our flesh
Balancing the weight
On my hand to the left.
Your lips on my lips
I can feel you smile
For this moment
We’ve both been waiting a while
And the timing couldn’t be more perfect Flipped shades
Closed curtains
Intimate setting
Floral bedding
Arms and legs spreading
Our bodies sweating
Skin shedding their own tears because this feels so right
Marking this night
As husband and wife…

© Jhazzie 8/18/11

Text 23 Sep Lost

Just because you see me, doesn’t mean in really here.
Mentally I’m far away, even when I’m near.
Just because I’m in this world, doesn’t mean I’m living.
And even though I haven’t lost, it doesn’t mean I’m winning.
But why is this beginning?
Episodes of my soul leaving my body to roam.
My heart craving fulfillment from a place once called home.
And what unselfish being would mention lack of attention as a factor.
But when you’re consistently insight and forgotten, what else would you be after?
Like a puzzle piece in the wrong box, I just don’t seem to fit.
Would I truly be giving up if I decide to call it quits?
When it comes to friends and family, it looks as if I have plenty
So how is it even possible to feel alone in a group of many?


Photo 16 Aug
Text 17 Jul "Wound Reopened"

It’s days like this

I wish

Ish like this

Didn’t exist

The perfect temp from clouds of mist

Reminding me of your gentle kiss

  and I cant resist

  the image that sits.

Refusing to move

My eyes forced to picture me & you

 and what we used to do

 and how we used to move

 chill vibe & slow grove

 from bright sun ‘til full moon

I hope this feeling fades soon

The reopening of a healed wound…



Text 10 Nov (From a book I read): This should be Sherlly-Sherllz & Britt-Bratt


"Bryce, I want you to know that I will never ever forgive you for this sh*t!,” Harmony blurted out in anger, “Tomorrow I’m taking all those ugly a** wigs, especially the one you have on because it looks like Dorothy’s house from the Wizard of Oz fell on your d** head, and burning them out behind the barn.”

"You and what army h*e?" Bryce questioned. "Touch my wigs, Harmony and I’ll tell Daddy what REALLY happened.”

…..(skip a few paragraphs)….

"Bryce, all I have to say is, I can’t wait until I go away to college. I’m leaving you California and all of your drama behind. I’m going to the East Coast. Probably Howard University in D.C."

"That’s cool," Bryce hissed. "So you’ll have a three year head start but I WILL follow you. You’ll never get rid of me. NOT EVER! When you take one of those big gigantic, elephantine dumps like the ones you have after you eat Momma’s sticky oatmeal for breakfast, I’m going to be there to smell it!”


Text 11 Sep "Losing Ground"

I told myself I wouldn’t write about a ni**a
But I figure
My thoughts are getting bigger
I should write ‘em down
before my heart gets any bitter.
The questions of does he?
Will he? Or will we?
They kill me
What will God’s will be?
I try to fight these feelings
With everything that’s in me
But its everything that’s in me
That’s ready to simply end me.
Giving up to fall in
Is far from the agenda
And its certainly hard to forget to remember
Many memories
He’s given me
Alive dreams
The simple things.
The simple things are str8 turn ons
I surprise myself when we’re still chillin with clothes on
Nicca got me tempted to bend and flex my marriage rule
His actions got me ready to bend and flex the master room
My heart’s been touched too much to ignore and let it pass
I said I wouldn’t do it
But here I am…
Alone in my zone
Writing about his a**

Sat. 9/10/11 ©

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